Seniors Are Back In School


Graphic made by A. Guo

How are seniors feeling after almost two years of virtual learning?

A. Guo, Editor-in-Chief

School is back in session. For some, the building is a remembrance of memories almost two years old, and for others, it is brand new. For seniors, it is the last year of their high school experience. So how do they feel? How were their summers? What are their plans for their last year in K-12?

Alyssa Luong, returning to her third and final year at Green Level, says, “Honestly, over the summer, I just sat around and relaxed. Since I was stuck at home most of the time, I didn’t really do much besides play video games and draw.” Other seniors like Rhea Pimenta, who is also continuing her last and third year at Green Level, were busy with sports, friends, and work.

“I am most excited to see all my friends again. School was virtual for like a year and a half, so I missed a lot of time to talk and hang out with everyone.””

While August signifies more school work and studying, this year it also meant the return to more widespread in-person learning. In the 2020-2021 school year, some students began in-person instruction in cohorts, but the majority of Green Level stayed home behind virtual screens. This led to common feelings of burnout and anxiety, as well as increases in depression and other mental health illnesses. Luong emphasizes this, “I am most excited to see all my friends again. School was virtual for like a year and a half, so I missed a lot of time to talk and hang out with everyone.” Pimenta explains how she’s simply excited for, “Being in an actual classroom with other people.”

Other events like sports events, art galleries and performances, and club events have also been highly anticipated. Luong notes how club meetings were difficult and not as interactive or enjoyable online. 

Though, of course, the workload for seniors is a concern for many of them as well, Pimenta says she’s not excited for AP classes, while Luong expresses nervousness about school starting after such a long period of virtual learning, “Part of me is unsure if I can handle the workload.” 

Even more so, many seniors are planning on applying to higher education or beginning work, which adds on more worries for the school year. “It feels like time is moving so quickly, and I don’t really feel all that ready for the future. I mean I still don’t even know what I want to be or do,” Luong states a classic senior dilemma.

But overall, a common sentiment for all seniors seems to have an enjoyable last year of high school. A hopefully safe and somewhat normal year after such long and extended periods of despair and chaos.