Jaguars vs Saints

On Monday night, The Jacksonville Jaguars had their second preseason game. For this game, they faced off against The New Orleans Saints who had a tough break and lost their first game by 3 points. This game gave us a good look into what both teams seasons are going to look like.

The Jaguars and the Saints played well, considering most starters didn’t play because they don’t want to risk an injury before the season even starts. Also, most of the teams want to play their back-end roster so they can see if they need to make any changes to their starting roster.

In the first quarter, the Saints started strong with an incredible throw by Jameis Winston and catch by Marquez Callaway for a touchdown. After this touchdown Jameis Winston goes on to throw another touchdown to Marquez Callaway again which he caught one handed over his outside shoulder along the sideline. In the second quarter both teams got a field goal making the score at half time 17-3 with the Saints in the lead. In the third quarter, the saints put up 6 more unanswered points. At this point it was not looking good for the Jaguars but they came out after the first 3 quarters wanting revenge. In the fourth quarter the saints didn’t score once while the Jaguars managed to put up 18 points, coming close but just a little short, making the final score 23-21, a New Orleans win.

For both teams, a few different quarterbacks got some playing time. The number 1 pick for the Jaguars this year, Trevor Lawrence had a decent game, with this being his first season in the NFL. He had 14 completed passes for a total of 113 yards. The starting QB from last season, Gardner Minshew performed a little better with 13 completed passes for a total of 149 yards. For the Saints, veteran QB Taysom Hill performed well and had 11 completed passes for a grand total of 138 yards. Jameis Winston, the old starting QB for the Buccaneers also got some playing time, going 9 for 10 with passes with 123 yards.

This was just a preseason game so it is not a guarantee of what the season holds for these teams. This game was hard fought all the way through and the Jaguars never stopped fighting, almost managing to come back.