First Impressions of the Swamp


New students have to adjust to a new year.

On August 23rd, Green Level welcomed its student body back onto campus. For returning juniors and seniors, the first day of school was a chance to get back into routine and revisit the swamp. Most upperclassmen experienced their freshman or sophomore years here, but the underclassmen are having their first days in the building. Some students haven’t experienced in-person learning since seventh grade, so their first impressions of our high school are brand new. I talked to three freshmen about their first few days at our school: Ronan Harris, Amir Jones, and Sara Khadel. 

Overall, all three students enjoyed their first day back. “My first day was pretty good,” Amir says. “It was a little confusing,” Sara admits, “but pretty good!” 

The freshmen immediately liked the people around the building. “All my teachers are really nice and welcoming,” says Ronan. Sara feels the same. She also likes how her teachers are so willing to help out. “The student body is also really nice,” she adds. 

The first day wasn’t completely smooth, though. All three students admitted to getting a bit lost throughout the day. “For me, [the hardest part of the day] was finding the classes,” says Amir. “I got confused by the staircases,” adds Sara. Ronan went through the same struggles, especially with the stairs. “It was all really crowded,” he says.

The new students are excited to get more involved in extracurricular activities around campus. Sara and Amir are both eager to try out for sports. “I’m gonna do track later,” says Sara. “I want to join football,” Amir adds. Ronan doesn’t have his eye on a sport, but he’s looking forward to joining different clubs and meeting new people. 

While first impressions aren’t everything, they say a lot. However, opinions can still change. One thing’s for sure, though: this is going to be a memorable year. We are excited to see our new students find their place at Green Level!

How was your first week of school? Let us know here.