Football vs. Gibbons

On Friday night, The Gators played The Crusaders under the lights. From the opening kickoff, it was obvious that it would be a long game for The Gators. Gibbons’ starters are mainly looking to play in college and they have some real talent all across their roster. 


The whole game was very high scoring for Gibbons with them scoring 35 unanswered points in just the first quarter. They went on to score 14 more points before the half with the Gators not managing to score any. Coming out of half time, The Gators were hungry for the win and were able to keep Gibbons to a zero point third quarter. The final score of the game ended up being 63-0 which isn’t the worst score possible considering The Crusaders were runner ups in the state finals last year. 


Go get ‘em next time Gators and good luck against Southeast Raleigh on Thursday!