Climate change is Destroying our Earth


Climate change is a huge problem in our society and many people don’t take it seriously enough. From wildfires, to hurricanes, natural disasters are getting worse and climate change is part of the unsolved problem. 

On August 29, 2021, hurricane Ida made landfall. First as a tropical storm and then a category 4 hurricane, Ida hit Louisiana hard. Many people died. This is just one of many natural disasters.

During the Labor Day weekend, Caldor fire spread through the Lake Tahoe area bringing destruction with it. Many people had to evacuate due to the poor air quality. The fire began almost 3 weeks ago and is still burning today. These are just 2 out of several natural disasters and these all have something to do with climate change. 

Global warming is part of a climate change problem. There are many different reasons why the earth is getting warmer. One reason is greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases occur naturally, but humans are creating excessive amounts. Carbon dioxide and methane have had a surge in 2020 because of the economic shutdown from Covid. Other reasons may include burning fossil fuels, cutting down trees, increasing livestock farming, ect. 

The warmer the earth gets, the more natural disasters like Ida and Caldor will occur and become more powerful. Not only is climate change making the earth warmer but it is affecting animals, weather patterns are changing, sea levels are rising, and glaciers are melting. All of these have bad effects on everything. More flooding means more diseases, glaciers melting harms animal ecosystems, weather patterns changing causes powerful storms like hurricane Ida, and sea levels rising causes flooding and other harmful things to the environment.

You may ask, how can we stop climate change? There are many ways we can decrease climate change. These include using solar panels/use renewable energy in your home, invest in energy efficient appliances, reduce water waste, eat the food that you buy/don’t let it go to waste, don’t leave fully charged devices plugged in at your house, and drive an electric or hybrid car, if you don’t have an electric car then use your bike or walk! Try your best to reduce your carbon footprint and help stop climate change!