Baked Goods at Brecotea: Review


Brecotea’s sweets are fresh and delicious.

Few things in this world are better than freshly baked goods. One of these things, however, is discovering a new bakery to buy freshly baked goods! Last weekend, I stopped by Brecotea in Cary to try some desserts with my family. The experience did not disappoint. 

When walking into Brecotea, the first thing I noticed was the delicious aroma. The fresh bread, cakes, and pastries smelled heavenly and looked just as good. Most of the baked goods were self-serve in a cute display, and I grabbed a tray to pile up with desserts. Everything looked so delicious that my family and I struggled to pick and choose. Eventually, we settled on the following arrangement: an almond sponge cake, mango stick, french cheesecake, chocolate bun, fruit cream puff, sugar twist, cranberry bun, and a chocolate mousse “eat-me plant” with an actual plant on top. Unfortunately, I failed to grab any of their beautiful teas (but they looked pretty and refreshing nonetheless). 

I had hoped the sweets tasted as good as they looked, so I tried a little bite out of everything. It didn’t disappoint! The mango stick was light and fruity, and I loved the fresh mango as a topping. The chocolate bun was fresh and warm, although very rich. I couldn’t eat more than a bite, but my family helped finish it off. The almond sponge cake was my absolute favorite. It was fluffy, sweet, and delicious. The eat-me plant was adorable and decadent, and the sugar twist was simple yet satisfying. I didn’t get more than a tiny bite of the cranberry bun and cheesecake because my parents devoured them immediately, but both were delicious. And the light, airy cream puff made a satisfying conclusion to the dessert marathon. 

I’d absolutely recommend Brecotea to any student with a sweet tooth. The environment is fun and open, and the freshly baked food is worth the line you may face. It would be a great place to meet up with friends and split a chocolate bun–or gather a dozen desserts to share–and unwind! 

My family and I bought a variety of desserts to sample.