Green Level Women’s Tennis Sinks The Pirates 9-0

It was a swampy night, but that didn’t stop the women’s tennis team from defeating Riverside by a 9-0 score!

On Tuesday, September 3rd the women’s tennis team stepped onto the court for the first time and won the first match in Green Level history. The Gator’s took 6 singles matches and 3 doubles matches without even giving up one match. This was not only the first match in history, but it was also the first time Green Level Tennis participated in Tri-8 Conference play, lead by only freshmen and sophomores.

We interviewed one of the captains, sophomore Lizzie Novelli about last night’s matches. “It felt good to run a successful team,” she said with a smile, “A lot of people on the team have improved a lot by practicing with each other.” She described how she was proud of her team but also came in with a positive attitude: “I was pretty sure that we could handle our first match and win,” she told us. 

Our women’s tennis team has a match tonight at Leesville Road at 3:30pm so make sure to wish them good luck, the tennis team returns to the swamp on Friday vs. Apex Friendship, so come support our Glorious Gators.