Best Place in School: Library!


S. Andrews

Visit the library on the second floor!

There are more places in the school that people don’t really visit, including our very own library!

The library is a great place to relax and read during lunch or before and after class. There is no limit to how many books you can check out and the books our Green Level library holds are the best of the best. Not only does the library have new and interesting books, there are computers people can use to get work done or for fun. 

People can grab a book of any genre and relax on the colorful and comfortable seating arrangements. 

However, the library is not always open; the schedule for when it’s open is below. 

The library’s schedule is a little unstable because some classes like to go there, where it’s quiet, to record. During lunch periods, people can grab a book and study but to a certain limit of 50 people. 

From Monday through Thursday, the library is open until 3 PM, and on Friday it’s open until 2:45.

The library also has a scenic overview of the school. The library is a wonderful place to go and is highly recommended!