Connectivity Is Coming Up!


Sign up for Connectivity on Monday! Graphic by D. Khan.

Green Level is transitioning from Advisory to Connectivity. Connectivity is where you can join clubs or get extra help for a certain class. It’s like a study period, but with club meetings as well.

Connectivity will start on Tuesday, October 5th. It will be happen every week from Tuesday through Friday (Mondays will still be Advisory). There are over 400 Connectivity sessions you can join, but if nothing really strikes you as interesting then you can use this as a study hall period. 

According to Green Level teachers, you need to reserve a certain spot in a club or session using the site AllTimely. AllTimely is a website teachers and students can use to schedule study periods and sessions with efficiency and flexibility. You will get more information about the AllTimely website from your Advisory teacher before next week!

You can sign up for Connectivity depending on what you want to use that thirty-minute time period for. For example, if you want to join clubs that match with your hobbies, go ahead and join that! If you want to help the school environment or the world in general, you can join sessions that volunteer. If you don’t really have an idea, try something new! If there is nothing that resonates with you, study period is always available.