iPhone 13: Is it Worth the Price?


Is the iPhone 13 worth the price? Promotional photo from Apple.

Aarit Vaidya, Student Life

As everyone knows, the new iPhone 13 has just been released. While you are probably in a rush to get the new Apple product, it is also not a bad idea to know some of the features of the actual phone and why it is or isn’t worth buying. So, you might be wondering, “What is so special about this hyped-up phone?” To truly answer this question, you need to look at its specs.

According to Apple, all models of the iPhone 13 come in Graphite, Gold, Silver, and Sierra Blue, have a 6.1-inch display, are water-resistant, dust resistant, have the new A15 Bionic chip MagSafe, a 22-hour battery life, and a cinematic mode for the camera. So now we must ask the question again. However, there is no big difference between the 13 and the 12. Both these phones support 5G, have an extremely vibrant 6.1 OLED screen, great cameras, fast processors, and MagSafe accessories. So why go for the 13 over the 12? The sad answer is, you shouldn’t. In my opinion, you’d be wasting $800 for only one extra feature (cinematic mode) and a mildly better processor.

The new iPhone might benefit you–someone who owns an iPhone X of below could genuinely use the upgrade. You see, sources such as CNET says that when you compare the iPhone 13 to the iPhone X models, it makes sense to upgrade–the iPhone X lacks 5G and only has a 14-hour battery life, a 6.1 inch LCD screen, and an old A12 Bionic processor. While this processor is still 100% capable of satisfyingly carrying out daily tasks, it has been sitting inside your phone for at least 2 years. It is only a matter of time before it starts to slow down and eventually break. In my opinion, 2 types of people should buy this phone. The first person is someone who requires an upgrade. If your old phone isn’t capable of meeting your needs, buying the iPhone 13 is the right investment for you. The other type of person who should buy this phone is a technology fanatic. If you simply love new technology, want to get the most recent model every year, and have the money to afford that, then by all means, go for it. I have an iPhone XR and I won’t be upgrading till the iPhone 14 comes out because I am 100% satisfied with my phone. I hope this helps all of you who were looking into buying the iPhone 13.