First Week of Gator Time


Green Level High School implements the new “Gator Time” system.

A. Coleman, Staff Writer

With the introduction of Gator Time occurring at Green Level, students are finally able to express their interests in clubs and gather in groups of classmates similar to them. This new program can allow students to make new friends, develop new interests, and develop and improve on topics they want to improve in.

The introduction of new programs has proven to be difficult at times. There are so many clubs that this school offers, and a massive student body of potential members, so students may not be able to participate in the clubs that they want to join. For example, the Spanish club and the Chess club overlap at the same time on the same day, so someone wanting to attend both club meetings would only be able to pick one. 

This problem has led to unrest among some students, making it hard for them to be a part of the clubs they want to be in. This, along with the convoluted lunch schedule, is making the school day difficult for Green Level students. People are starting to talk about it and looking for potential solutions. Some ideas that could be implemented and benefit the students could be to have clubs meet during lunch, after school, or having students fill out a survey that takes into consideration the student’s availability. For now, Green Level will try to adjust to their clubs.