Trick-Or-Treating: How Old is Too Old?


Are we aging out of Halloween? Image from Unsplash.

Trick-or-treating has been a well-known tradition every year for kids of all ages in North America, but at what point do people decide when they’re too old to enjoy this fun role-playing tradition with friends? A survey was conducted on parents with Parents Magazine in 2019 that stated that 73% of parents believe that kids should stop trick or treating between the ages 12 and 17. It’s been 3 years since that survey was taken and we wonder if any part of that opinion has changed with the community. The Gators Eye has interviewed Malaika, a sophomore, on their opinions. We asked her several opinion-based questions on how old is too old.

“I think [students should stop trick-or-treating] around the age of 16-17,” Malaika says. “It’s just weird to have grown people going door to door, at that point just buy it for yourself.”

When we asked if she thinks maturity level has affected her opinion, Malaika admits that she feels like her maturity level has a big opinion on the stance of when people should stop trick or treating. Malaika says that her younger sister thinks differently because she has not grown up yet. At what age did you stop? I stopped at 13 years old. 

Maturity level has a big part to play in the common question of how old is too old. The real answer is there is no common answer; you can stop whenever you feel is right.