Join Unified Club!


A. Hoch, Opinion section editor

Our school needs to embrace equality and empower each other’s differences, and the Unified club is determined to accomplish this.

President; Olivia Jane says, “ “The main purpose of Unified club is to empower youth with disabilities. I think it’s important for us leaders to give them a larger role and have them be a part of the community here. We go to football games with them, do arts and crafts during connectivity, and even do physical activity in the gym. They truly do want more friends but it can be hard when people stare at them in the hallways and don’t know their names or make an effort to talk to them. I promise the connections are worth it, for me, my favorite part is the relationships. My friends and I would have lunch with one of the kids, George at least 3 out of 5 days every week. When we got into quarantine, that’s what we missed the most. The memories and fun times are great to have and it really makes their day even more than it makes ours. They are always excited to see you and love going to do things with you and it makes you feel really special that you are able to be a part of such an amazing friendship.”

Audrey Errickson, another member of the club says, “I chose this club because you learn so much from the kids, and the people in it have their hearts in the right place. It’s one of the most inclusive, positive, and fun clubs at Green Level.”

In addition to making friends, the Unified club focuses and makes efforts to raise awareness as well as fundraise for field trips, events, and activities for the kids. Last week, the club encouraged the school to wear purple to support people with disabilities and had students sign a poster and get purple stickers to show their support. A continuous cause that the club fights for is the extinction of the R-word. Pre-covid, they put up signs, had students sign petitions, and even started working on tee-shirts to help educate the school on why this word is so discriminatory and hurtful.

If you’re interested in forming connections and being a part of Unify club, they meet Fridays on B week. You can also contact the president, Olivia Jane Holmes for more information.