Indoor Track Season Preview


C. Hall, J. Hill, and J. Spells

Winter sports season is upon us.  Indoor track is filled with a variety of events, from shotput to long distance running. We were able to catch up with Senior Mason Coon, who participates in a super unique event, pole vaulting. But why pole vaulting? “It is the most entertaining sport … Nothing beats it” Mason is hopeful that the season will be successful and the team has high hopes for the season.

In addition to unique sports, there is more traditional track events, ran by Senior Brooke Alexander. She participates in the 400m and 500m individually. She is also really excited for the Senior relays, which are run in 4×4, 4×2, and 4×1 variants. We asked Brooke advice that is going to help her this season. “I hope to qualify for state championships… Coach says you have to be willing to suffer to succeed.”

This is an exciting year for the track team, as seniors are ready to show out for their last year. Best of luck Gators!