The Green Level Theatre Department Presents: A Midsummer Night’s Dream


K. Bohn

K. Bohn, Literary Magazine Interact Page Editor, reviews the Green Level Midsummer Night’s Dream.

K. Bohn, Guest Writer

I remember reading Romeo and Juliet in 9th grade- my first true exposure to Shakespearean writing. As memorable as it should have been, I can’t recall much more than the Leonardo DiCaprio movie version and consistently having little-to-no idea what was going on. 

This feeling of bewilderment typically associated with Shakespeare was expertly replaced with awe and excitement in Green Level High School’s rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The production was brought together by the scenery, costumes, and acting to erase any potential confusion surrounding the utilization of Shakespearean language. 

The main set consisted of several large twisting trees riddled with leaves and glowing lights. Fog machines created a mysterious atmosphere, drawing the audience in closer. All of this coupled with a deep bluish-purple set eye-catching and unforgettable scenery.

The costumes, impossible to not appreciate, blended with the story, timeline, and set beautifully. They posed a simple yet effective mark upon the audience and left them wishing they dressed as well as a fairy from 12th century B.C.  

Previously, I had considered A Midsummer Night’s Dream far from a comedy. While its general structure and themes still remained, the actors in this rendition spiced up the plot by utilizing witty humor to keep the audience guessing…. and laughing hysterically. 

From a slightly overenthusiastic attempt at finding a lover to a moon that shone as bright as a flashlight (literally), A Midsummer Night’s Dream as performed by the Green Level Theatre Department encompassed an entertaining modern twist while still capturing the traditional essence of the Shakespearean classic. 


This review was written by K. Bohn, the Green Level Literary Magazine Interact Page Co-Editor.