Green Level Cheer Heading into States


C. Nestor

The Cheer squad put on a fantastic show, performing for students for the first time in two years.

This Saturday, Dec. 4, Green Level cheer will be taking on the Cheer state championship. They’ve had many months of preparation to get ready for this moment, with many ups and downs. The State Championship will consist of 15 teams all competing to be number one.

Just recently the cheer team won Pre-States, also known as the Small Varsity Regional Championship. They had a good performance winning first place and a bid to nationals, where they will go to Florida to compete against teams around the nation. I was able to talk to Kamryn Phillips, a junior who has been on the cheer team for three years now, about how Pre-States went. She informed me that the week before Pre-States the team had practice everyday and during these practices they weren’t hitting and were dropping stunts. She said “None of us were really expecting to do good at Pre-States.” She mentioned that they weren’t really confident in their routine at this point. She went on to say “I think our team is a performance, as in we do really well under pressure. We may have bad practices, but once we get out there in front of all those people we’re ready to just do our job and get it done.” Being able to preform well under pressure is definitely something they have to their advantage going into Pre-States.

The Cheer team has been working really hard at practice these past couple of months. As for how it’s going, Kamryn said:

“We’ve definitely had our moments. I feel like every sport has their ups and downs. It has been really hard with all the people who have been injured this season. We’ve had to re-work our routine a bunch of times with new people. Right now we have three people out, so we have to pull three people up from Junior Varsity, to compete with us at States this weekend. Obviously, having teammates getting injured isn’t easy because the chemistry with the people we have to pull up isn’t going to be the same. However, the girls we have pulled up are really strong athletes and I believe they can pull it together.”

The Cheer team has endured a lot this season and I hope that it all pays off this weekend at States. Go out and support this amazing group of girls. Good Luck Ladies, Green Level is rooting for you!