What to Expect in Spider-Man: No Way Home


Spiderman: No Way Home promotional poster from Marvel Studios.

Our friendly-neighborhood Spider-man is no longer capable of separating his daily life as Peter Parker from the huge risks of being Spider-man, thanks to the exposure of his identity. This forces Peter to seek Doctor Strange’s assistance to make people forget that he (Peter Parker) is Spider-man, inflicting new threats to emerge. 

So far, from the trailer, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, and the Lizard are confirmed to be in the film. There are rumors that suggest Venom is going to make an appearance in the film as well. The rumors originated from the post-credit scene in Venom: Let There Be Carnage, where Eddie and Venom are in a hotel room watching a Mexican soap opera when they are unexpectedly transported to another reality. The television abruptly switches to J. Jonah Jameson’s newscast announcing that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Eddie has no idea who Peter Parker is in this scenario, but Venom does. Venom shouts, “This guy,” before licking the television screen. With all that happened in the scene, it suggests that after Dr. Strange casts his spell that sends Eddie Brock into the same reality as Peter Parker. Venom is one of Spider-man’s most notable villains in the comics and is regarded as one of his three archenemies, along with Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin. With Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin already confirmed to be in the movie, Venom will be too. 

How will Spider-man be able to combat all the villains at once? Well, this is where the rumors that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man will fight alongside Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the movie come into place. Tom Holland, who is notoriously known for spoiling upcoming movies, was on Marvel Entertainment’s Youtube along with his costars Zendaya & Jacob Batalon reacting to the new trailer. Once again, Tom Holland was involved in the leaking of important information by accident. When reacting to a scene with Sandman and the Lizard he said “ Where is the – ” and abruptly stopped, realizing what he had begun to say. In the trailer, you can see The Lizard get hit by something but you cannot see what it is. A lot of fans think that one of the Spider-Mans was edited out of the trailer and is actually in the scene. In another part of the trailer, Doctor Octopus is fighting Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus says “you’re not Peter,” which may show that he is searching for Toby Maguire’s Peter Parker.

With this information, it’s up in the air as to what we’re going to discover with the upcoming movie. Fans strongly believe that through all the little hints being leaked, we’re headed for some great surprises on December 25th. Prepare yourselves!