12 Secret Santa Gifts For Any Price


No matter your price limit, you can find the perfect gift for any exhange. Graphc by D. Khan.

Let’s picture a scene: you’re resting the night before your Christmas party, and your best friend texts you about the perfect Secret Santa gift they got for your exchange. At that moment, your peaceful winter break is destroyed. You still need to get something for your person, but gift-giving definitely isn’t your love language. And, of course, you got the one person in the group who you don’t know well. Panic ensues, and you end up grabbing a Target gift card last minute. You don’t have to be that person–here are a few cute, quick gifts that anybody would enjoy!

If you’ve got a 5 dollar limit on your gift, there are still options! You could some cute accessories, like these trendy claw clips from Target. If you want to get something that tastes as good as it looks, these hot cocoa cones from Etsy are unique and affordable. And if your friend is tech-savvy, these cute phone rings are the perfect accessory for them.

A 10 dollar limit has even more options for fun gifts. Maybe you’re going to a holiday party (and your friends are competitive). If so, Spot It might be the perfect gift–it has tons of games in one cute little package! This Bluetooth beanie is another solid option, especially as the weather gets colder. And if you’re looking for something delicious, check out this adorable box of mini Christmas cookies!

A 15 dollar budget gives you the chance to be a little fancier. Check Etsy out for some custom holiday candles for your self-care-obsessed friend. If your group is trying to get TikTok famous, check out these LED Lights off Amazon. Another option is this cheap but delicious Popcorn Machine, perfect for movie nights.

Finally, if your limit is 20 dollars or more, you can combine gifts to give something superb. But there are some single-present possibilities, too! For your Starbucks-loving friends, check out this cold brew coffee maker. If they skip breakfast, give something as cute as it is practical. Maybe this mini waffle iron! And if you really want to pamper someone, Etsy has plenty of self-care packages. This lavender spa set is perfect for relaxing over break.

Holiday shopping is stressful enough when it’s just for family, so don’t panic over Secret Santa. Any gift will be loved and cherished if it comes from the right person!