5 New Year Resolution Ideas


Here are some resolutions for 2022!

The new year is upon us, everyone is talking about how they can change to be a better person. There are many ways to improve yourself in this new year. Out of ideas? Here are five things you can do this year to improve yourself and your relationship with other people!

  • Drink more water
    • According to a study, only 22% of Americans drink the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water has many benefits including stabilizing your heartbeat, normalizing blood pressure, and carrying essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells. Staying hydrated also helps you concentrate for longer periods of time, increases efficiency within the brain, and help with your memory.
  • Less screen time
    • The recommended amount of screen time for teens is two hours. On average, teens are on devices for 7 hours. Lessening screen time can help with many things including, improved sleep and physical health, increased mood boosts, and strengthened social connections. 
  • Read more
    • Reading can help with many things. Some may include vocabulary and knowledge, reduce stress, and improve self-discipline and consistency. One goal to help with this resolution is to read one book a month.
  • Stop procrastinating
    • 80-95% of teens procrastinate; with over 70% considering themselves procrastinating. Some tips to start this year off right include having a to-do list and having reachable goals throughout the day.
  • Start journaling
    • Journaling can be a great resolution. With journaling, you can improve your mental health. Journaling is found to improve your mood and prioritize problems you may have.
  • Get better grades
    • There are many ways you can go about this resolution. Starting healthy habits and staying driven can help achieve this goal.