Softball is Almost Back Into Swing

Softball is Almost Back Into Swing

With spring approaching that means spring sports and with spring sports come Softball! Green Level Softball is almost back in action. The first year they were able to play their season got cut short due to Covid and last years sports weren’t normal by any means. However, this year they will finally have a shot at a normal season. As for their last couple of seasons they’ve had winning records. The 2019 to 2020 season they went 3-1, obviously having not played very many games but still managing to pull out a few wins. The 2020 to 2021 season they went 9-5 placing third in conference.

I was able to talk with Senior Raegan Rudd, who also won an All-State Award last season, about how last season went. She said “Our season last year went really well. We finally were able to have home games which we loved and it just felt good to be back playing together since our season was cut super short the year before.” She then went on to say “As a team we all connected super well and all got along amazing and it showed when we got onto the field.” Hopefully they can use this great team spirit and energy to propel them far this season!

Furthermore, I asked for insight into how their workouts have been going so far and how they’re looking this season. As for workouts she said “Our season workouts overall have been great. We’ve been getting a decent turnout, but lately because of the weather conditions we haven’t been able to get on the field. However, some mornings we have been getting in the weight room to make up for it.” As for this upcoming season she said “This year it looks like most of us are coming back from last year so I’m excited to see what we can do. We’ll be able to keep most of our team chemistry we had last year. We’re all excited to have a more competitive conference and we’re all just looking forward to this season, especially us Seniors!”

Tryouts will be underway come February with their first game being March first vs. Willow Spring High School.  Make sure to support your Lady Gators Softball team this season!

Seniors Mia Sullivan (11) and Raegan Rudd (10)