Officer Delivers Food After DoorDasher Arrest


Image from TikTok/anastasiaelsinger.

It’s often not a fun surprise when a cop shows up at your front door, but it was pretty pleasant for this woman in South Dakota. 

Food delivery apps are growing, especially with recent global health concerns. With almost any restaurant capable of offering delivery, many orders are on the road. But what would happen if the delivery person was arrested with an order? That’s precisely what happened in South Dakota when a woman ordered some Arby’s, but her driver was stopped along the way. 

Anastasia Elsinger recently used DoorDash to get food from Arby’s. Elsinger noticed her delivery guy had stopped a few blocks down the road from her house after patiently waiting for her order to arrive.

“I stepped outside, and I saw the lights and everything,” the 24-year-old told the Argus Leader. “So I was like, ‘Oh yes, my food’s gonna take a while, whatever.'”

Elsinger assumed she wouldn’t receive her food and proceeded inside her home. Soon after, she received a pleasant surprise at her door. Local police officer Sam Buhr happily delivered her food, and Elsinger shared footage of the event captured by her Ring Doorbell through TikTok. 

In the video, we can see Officer Buhr walk up to the door carrying an Arby’s bag of food and a drink. He rings the doorbell, and when she answers, he says, “I know I’m not who you’re expecting.” He then tells her that the original DoorDash deliverer had been arrested, so he was making the delivery personally. The footage spread all over social media, and people everywhere praised Officer Buhr for going above and beyond. A commonly found comment was, “Not all heroes wear capes.”