Honks4Stonks Teaches Investing


The well-known “stonks” meme was inspiration for the clubs uniue name.

R. Pragada, Staff Writer

At Green Level, we have many unique clubs, one being Honks4Stonks! 

Honks4Stonks is a club that was started here in January of 2021. Overall the club is about stocks. Faith Kim, founder of Honks4Stonks at Green Level, was inspired to start this club when she was introduced to the Untitled Goose Game. She got the idea with a little help from her dad who told her that it would be a great idea to create an investment club. Kim liked this idea because it meant that students who were interested could learn about stocks from an early age. The club actually started through a discord group with people from neighboring schools. 

Every meeting, members go over the agenda for plans for the future and upcoming events and projects. They play fun games to engage students and get them accustomed to the world of stocks. 

In fact, Honks4Stonks is about to start a project where students will put together a pitch on which stocks to invest in and which ones to stay away from. Then there will be voting to decide which pitch was the best one. If you like things like investments, stocks, and business, this is the club for you!

When asked how she got the idea to name the club Honks4Stonks so creatively, Kim said, “I was inspired by the Untitled Goose Game and a stonks meme.” The stonks meme is below, take a look!

For a little more information, the Untitled Goose Game is a video game where players must control a goose and manipulate objects and non-player attributes to accomplish the goals of the game. It was very popular in 2019 and is still pretty well known. 

Honks4Stonks meets every Wednesday on B week if anyone wants to check this cool club out!