Endless Sports: Special Needs Lacrosse League

In 2022, everybody should have equal opportunities and should be able to enjoy the same things no matter their level of education or physical skill. One thing that everyone should be able to enjoy not only watching, but playing as well, is sports. Some students at Green Level are making this goal a reality by volunteering with a new, local special needs lacrosse league. This league is run by a non-profit organization called Endless Sports.

Head of Endless Sports, and father of two students here at Green Level, is Scott Stein. This is his first experience with running a non-profit but he has lots of experience being selfless and helping to impact others’ lives. When asked about why he decided to start the league, Scott responded, “I’m a big believer in giving back and have been involved in volunteering and philanthropic work for years. It was also important to me that our family is involved in something together and as a result, we’ve organized fundraisers for ALS, held Toy Drives for a Children’s Hospital, and other community outreach activities. As for Endless Sports, it’s the perfect blend of two things that I’m passionate about -giving back and sports. With both of my sons playing lacrosse (‘Go Gators!’), I developed a love for the game. I also noticed that there were no opportunities for members of the Special Needs community to play the game. There are programs for other sports – but nothing featuring lacrosse. That was all the inspiration we needed! Now we’re – thankfully – up and running and sharing our love of the game!”

The lacrosse league’s first day was Friday, the 28th of January. It was a massive success, with all of the participants and volunteers having a great time, and it being a fantastic experience as well. Parents of the participants were extremely happy with the league, sending emails the day after, saying thank you, and talking about how much fun their kids had.

There were multiple students from right here at Green Level, not only volunteers but participants who played in the league as well. I interviewed a few of them and asked them some questions about how they think the first night of the league went. Daphne Myers, who is a junior and a starter on the women’s varsity lacrosse team said, “It was really fun, I think all the kids were really happy and had a lot of fun.” Addie Berger is another student from Green Level who volunteered in the league. When asked about how she felt the first night went, she replied, “I feel like it went really well, all the kids were really happy, felt welcome, and enjoyed it.”

After interviewing a couple of people who volunteered, I wanted to get another perspective from someone who actually played in the league. To do this, I interviewed one of the athletes from Green Level, sophomore, Tristian James. When asked about how she felt the night went, Tristian said, “Yes, I had a lot of fun, and the night went good for everyone who was there.”

If you would like to support this incredible non-profit that’s doing great things for the community, make sure to follow Endless Sport’s social media:

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