Gator of the Week: Olivia Mays


Olivia Mays is a 15-year-old sophomore at Green Level High School.

A. Guo, Editor-in-Chief

Gator of the Week returns with Olivia Mays, a passionate member of the Green Level dance team.


As a sophomore, Mays says returning back to person as a student has been a challenge, but still appreciates the opportunities it offers, “I think I’ve gotten better, and I’ve met a ton of new and amazing people!” 

Other than being a student for two years, she’s also been a part of the dance team and notes the close bonds she’s been able to share with them and the coach, “I know I can go to [them] if I need someone because I’ve been around them almost every day of the week.”

Katherine Pope is the dance team’s coach and speaks highly of Mays as not only a kind and respectful person, but an impressive dancer, “Olivia has a natural raw talent for dance paired with a dedicated work ethic. This combination is part of what makes Olivia stand out.” Teammates who nominated Mays agree, “She is hard working, kind, and always eager to help a friend in need.”

Helpful, willing, and always smiling, Mays is described by Pope as someone, “The dance team and dance department is very fortunate to have.”