Gator of the Week: Emily Gelfland!


Emily Gelfland is our very first Gator of the Week at Green Level! She is a tenth grader and a valued member of our band program. As a drum major, Emily is a leader of the marching band. Drum majors conduct the band and help the rest of the ensemble know when and where to play their instrument. Emily directs the entire band during games, shows, and performances, so the ensemble really couldn’t function without her.

Emily took on her role with ease, and that’s why she was recommended by Mr. Myers, the Band Director, for her outstanding work. According to Mr. Myers, “Being a drum major is a significant leadership position with a great deal of responsibility, and for Emily to take on this role is impressive.” He explained that Emily has achieved a high level of confidence and success. 

Mr. Myers is excited to watch Emily progress as a leader this year. She has less than a year of experience in the marching band, she started in June, and for her to hold such a high position is extremely impressive. Before taking on her current role as drum major, Emily played the saxophone. She also used to be a basketball player. She was recommended by her former band teacher to become a drum major this year. 

Congratulations, Emily!