Women’s Lacrosse 2022 Season Preview

Womens Lacrosse 2022 Season Preview

E. Stein, Staff Writer

One of the many upcoming spring sports is Women’s Lacrosse. This is the first year that the program will have a senior class, hopefully resulting in a successful season filled with wins.

The Women’s Lacrosse team is looking to build on last year. In order to find out how they plan to do so, I interviewed senior, planning on playing at a D3 college for lacrosse, Katie Hunter, and starting senior, Meg Wilson. To get a younger take on the same questions, I also interviewed freshman, Lexi Arbon.

What are your team goals for the season and what are your personal goals?

Katie- My personal goal is to just have fun and the team goal is to have the best season that we’ve ever had.

Meg- Team goals for this season are to have good team chemistry, and have fun. I personally want to hit 100 points and improve my stats.

Lexi- I’m just hoping to increase my speed and stick skills and I want to play in a lot of games.

Do you feel you have the chance to make a playoff run, and if so how do you plan on doing that?

Katie- The only way we can make a playoff run is if everyone tries their best and leaves it all on the field every single game.

Meg- I feel we have a chance to make a playoff run, we’ll do it by playing as a team.

Lexi- Yeah, I think so through a lot of hard work and getting to know my teammates.

What do you think your toughest games will be this season?

Katie- Our hardest game will be Holly Springs or Apex Friendship, because both of them should be really close games, and they have some good talent.

Meg- I think Panther Creek should be the toughest because a lot of us used to play for them and it should be competitive.

Lexi- Apex Friendship because I’ve heard they’re a really good team and we lost to them last year.


Best of luck to our women’s lacrosse team this year.