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Is Valentines day a holiday?

February 11, 2022

Valentine’s day was invented on February 14, 496 AD. Over 52% of adults in the United States celebrate Valentine’s Day. As a whole, we spend over $21.8 billion on gifts for friends and family. Should Valentine’s Day be considered a holiday?

Why is should be a holiday

Valentine’s day should be considered a holiday because it is good for the economy, can be celebrated among your closest friends and family, and give you a reason to indulge yourself. 


First, the commercial success of Valentine’s Day in the U.S is incredible. Valentine’s day became commercialized in 1985 by the company Hallmark. They started launching Valentine’s Day commercials. They soon got the name “The Valentine’s Store” in commercial promoting cards and other heart-shaped products. The growth of the economy during Valentine’s day has increased by 17% in just three years. According to, this year, people are expected to spend $23.9 billion dollars. Economic growth is fantastic and affects many people. It creates more profit for businesses, stock prices rise, and jobs and income rise. The time around Valentine’s Day is important for economic success.


Next, Valentine’s Day does not have to be about romantic interests; as it can be celebrated with close family and friends. Many people believe they do not spend enough time with friends and family, as they would wish to. Valentine’s day can be an excuse to go out with friends. 


Lastly, Valentine’s Day gives a reason to indulge yourself. 64% of Americans believe they do not have enough time to take care of themselves in the way they’d like to. This may not seem that important but, self-care has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, and improve energy. Whether it is pampering yourself or taking the night to de-stress, it can be necessary to enjoy yourself.


To conclude, Valentine’s day should be celebrated, as it is good for the economic growth of the country, can be celebrated with friends and family, and gives you a reason to prioritize yourself.


Why it shouldn’t

While valentine’s day is known for celebrating your significant others it adds an unwanted pressure to be romantic. People forget the purpose of valentine’s day because of the over-hype to show their love. People in a healthy relationship shouldn’t need a day designated to each other to show their love, it should just be spontaneous. While valentines day brings the United States approximately 24 billion in revenue from all the merchandise. As this holiday has progressed through the years it has become much more materialistic which can be seen from the uprise in revenue.  This is proving that this holiday has become more about commercial and merchandise than natural affection. 


Ultimately valentine’s day is a day like no other. There are so many more important dates to show your love than some cliche over the pressured day that is supposed to show your affection. Valentine’s day also pushes people to have a relationship more as a goal rather than an achievement. It shouldn’t make people get together because it’s valentines day rather than to celebrate the fondness you have over one another. 


As a fresh couple on valentines day, it can cause your already unstable foundation to be worse because of the letdown in expectations one had over another. Indulging in one another can be a fun way to show your love but it can be overwhelming and over the top especially if you have more important things to take care of such as bills. Not saying you shouldn’t celebrate but it has its downfalls. The average American spends around 600 dollars on valentines because of dinner, champagne, flowers, etc. So sometimes as a whole, it’s healthier and more fun to boycott this overstimulated holiday and enjoy each other the other 364 days of the year, plus being romantic spontaneously is a lot more fun. 

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