Committed: Zekhi Mills to Lawrence University


Zekhi Mills is making a trip up north to Wisconsin where he will continue his football career at Lawrence University. Zekhi is going to be the ultimate utility guy at Lawrence University as he’s going to be playing a multitude of positions varying from Linebacker to running back.  I asked Zekhi how does he plan on preparing for this change, I have Gotta learn a lot more plays, and playing linebacker is a new position so it’s going to take a little adjusting.” 

Zekhi wants to bring all he has to Lawrence University, whether that’s his versatility or leadership. Zekhi is a multi-sport athlete for the Gators, as he also throws shot put. Zekhi is a versatile player in football as well as in other sports, that is the main contribution that Zekhi will bring to Lawrence University as he will try and have as big of an impact on them as he did with the Gators this past season. Mr. Mills is not too worried about the cold weather that plays a big factor in a football season up there in Wisconsin, “It should not be a problem as we had a cold season this year and I’ll be ready for it.

Zekhi is ready to make an instant impact at Lawrence University where he will look to spend his next four years.