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The Ghost of Kyiv

March 8, 2022

The Ghost of Kyiv is a legend born through the media. Some say the stories of this fighter pilot are true, while others believe it’s little more than a story to keep hopes up during bleak times.

The Ukrainian military has fought against the Russian invasion, and one fighter pilot has become a hero through social media. Known as the “Ghost of Kyiv,” this exceptional fighter pilot is said to have single-handedly brought down six Russian planes. 

On February 24, the first day of the conflict with Russia, a story emerged on Ukraine’s official Twitter channel about an unnamed Ukrainian pilot who shot down six Russian aircraft within the first 30 hours of the war. The Twitter channel reported four more were shot down two days later. 

The pilot, deemed a hero, was given the nickname “The Ghost of Kyiv” because of his alleged ability to hit the targets then disappear quickly back into the air.


The Twitter account mentioned, “Ukraine probably got its first ace since World War II. This is the anonymous pilot of the MiG-29, nicknamed the Ghost of Kyiv.

A pilot must shoot down five or more aircraft to become an ace. French military propaganda coined the term during World War I.

Stories vary, and there is no evidence to prove that this ghost is real or just a tale spreading through media, but that’s okay. This story has brought people together and even led to lots of memes. Whether the Ghost of Kyiv is real or not, alive or dead, he is a person bringing people all over the globe together in this time of Ukrainian crisis. 


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