Lady Gators Trump The Cougars


On Thursday, the Green Level women’s lacrosse team defeated one of the best women’s teams in the area, The Apex Cougars.

This game was a close one from start to finish, with the Gators not managing to pull away until the second half. At halftime, the score was 7-7, with no team in the lead but both teams making great plays. Going into the third quarter, The Lady Gators recuperated and collected themselves, coming back into the game composed and dominating the Cougars. They made the second half theirs, holding the Cougars to a 2 point half while scoring 5 goals of their own making the final score for this game 12-9, a Gator Victory.

Everyone on The Gators performed well this game, but there were a few Lady Gators that stood out for points scored, dominating the game. Two of these players were Meg Wilson and Vic Martjuchin who had 4 goals each, with Vic putting up 2 assists as well.

I asked Meg a few questions about the team’s season so far and how she feels the game went.

“I feel the season is going really well, I think the team is having a lot of fun and working together really well. I think my teammates really helped push me to perform well last night, and I think the team all came out together to pull out the win.”