What’s Happening with Pollution?


Pollution is a persistent issue in our world today.

As we know, pollution around the world is increasing day by day. Whether we’re talking about air pollution or water pollution, it’s on the rise. 

When speaking about air pollution specifically, it’s a killer. According to a new study of over 3,000 cities around the world, the worldwide population increased by eight percent in the past year. 

Here’s a fact you will find interesting. At this point, pollution is causing more deaths than COVID. Since pollution by states and companies is causing more deaths globally than the COVID disease, environmental agents are calling for “immediate and ambitious action” to ban toxic chemicals. This specific report states that pollution from pesticides, plastics, and electronic waste is causing deaths; at least 9 million deaths a year. This issue is being overlooked at the moment, what with COVID taking up space in people’s minds. The new document posted urges a ban on polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl, which are used in households. Not only are they toxic chemicals, but they have been linked to cancer in the past. 

People are recommending the clean-up of polluted sites and relocations of affected communities if the pollution comes to that. 

U.N. rights chief Michelle Bachelet has called environmental threats, the biggest global right challenge. The world understands that with the beginning of 2022 comes the continued COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires, climate change, biodiversity loss, and waste, but pollution is also a large factor in our world. 

2022 will mark two golden jubilees. In 1972, there was a historic UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm. The meeting was about the priority of the governments, and the human wellbeing and economic growth along with environmental factors.  Now, fifty years later, the Stockholm meeting will take place in June 2022, where officials will talk about the global environment and how to move forward with that. 

You can also help by removing certain chemicals that may be toxic from your household. For example, Aerosol spray products are bad for the environment and for your health. Certain air fresheners can also be toxic. Chlorine bleach and certain detergents do not break down easily, causing a major problem in our environment. 

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