Gators Call Game On The Catamounts


The Gators traveled about 5 miles down the street to take on the rival Catamounts. This game meant a little something more for a couple of gators as they are taking on the team that they used to play for.

The Gators and Catamounts delivered several aggressive attacks in the first half, however, there was great goalkeeping from both sides, especially Junior keeper Emma Ludenia for Green Level. This high paced game came down to the second half where sophomore Maris Toppin decided to change the narrative and net the first goal of the game. Twenty-one minutes remained as the Gators took the lead. The game was back to aggressive attacks after the gators scored the first goal, the catamounts had a couple good looks but could never net the equalizer. The Gators stamped their victory ticket as Addison Wilson scored an absolute banger from outside the 18-yard box; there were four and half minutes remaining after the second goal. The Catamounts had a couple more attacks before the clock eventually hit triple zeroes.

I asked Maris Toppin what it was like scoring first in a big rival game, ” It was great, we had a lot of opportunities before my goal so it was awesome being able to finally score one.” I also asked Addison Wilson what the feeling was scoring her second goal of the season in such a high intensity game she said, “It was exciting to get a goal in a low scoring game, especially from a position I don’t usually play, and it felt great for our team to beat PC for the first time.”

The Gators are looking to keep the momentum going as they take on another rival in the Green Hope Falcons on Wednesday.