Indoor Track Stars Travel to New York for Nationals


This weekend, Green Level competed in the New Balance National event in New York! Four gators competed in the 1600m sprint medley relay. This event has two runners running 200m, the next running 400m, and the anchor runner finishes the race at 800m. Runners Kayleen Ahlquist, Alana Daily, Laveyah Hill, and Campbell Dille competed in this race. They ran an impressive 4:19, which gave them an overall 8th place position in the rising stars division.

Alexa Nestor competed in two events on March 12, in both the 60m hurdles and the long jump. Alexa made it out of the prelims and made it to the 60m hurdle semifinals. Great work Alexa! She was asked about what she did to prepare for nationals and how she feels about her performance.  “I trained a lot, and I just had to get in a good mental headspace. I visualized the run and talked to my coaches about it. I feel like I could’ve performed better but the experience was really cool.”

Future 49er (UNC Charlotte) Laveyah Hill competed in the 200m dash and the 60m dash. I asked about her experience in New York and what she has done to get her to this point in her running career. “It was really cool, I’ve never been to New York before and it was a new experience competing against the best of the best. I work out 3 times a day, with weight training in school and training outside of school. I also am very religious, so I put God first.”