New in Sports: The Crosstown Cup


Something new for Green Level Athletics next year… The Crosstown Cup.

The Crosstown Cup is similar to the annual competition that takes place between Green Hope and Panther Creek High School, known as Fight for 55. Furthermore, the overall idea of the Crosstown Cup is most closely related to the annual Wells Fargo Cup competition in North Carolina. According to the NCHSAA, the Wells Fargo Cup “has become the symbol of overall sports excellence among high schools in North Carolina.” The NCHSAA gives a brief overview as to what the Wells Fargo Cup is and here’s what they said:

“Since 1979 the Cup has gone to the schools which have the best overall interscholastic sports programs in each of the four classifications: 1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A. The program is sponsored by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association and one of its corporate sponsors, Wells Fargo. Each Cup winner receives an engraved silver cup and a banner for permanent display at the school. The Wells Fargo Cups are presented annually at a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill football game.”

To determine who is deserving of the Cup and banner, they tally up varsity sports wins and a couple other categories for a school to be able to earn a total of 50 points. This is similar to how the Crosstown Cup will work. It’ll be a competition between Green Level High School and crosstown rivals, Cary High School. Points will be awarded in varsity-level sports each season, based on team wins against Cary High School. Some of the Sports include Football, Gymnastics, Swimming, Stunt, Track and Field, and the list continues. All the sports you can think of will be up for grabs in terms of earning points for defeating Cary. The Cup will travel to each game and be given to the school that wins, but at the conclusion of each season an update will be released based on results from the preceding season and whichever school has the most points out of a total of 35 points, will be awarded the Cup.

In addition to the Cup, the competition will also include a leadership component in which each school will nominate rising seniors to attend a leadership summit with members of the opposing school each spring. This new tradition offers a lot of amazing opportunities and spark a fun competition between the two High Schools. This will push athletes even more to want to defeat the IMPS.

Excited for the new changes coming to Green Level Athletics!