Two Games Two Wins For The Gators


E. Stein, Staff Writer

On Friday, The Green Level Men’s lacrosse team faced one of the best teams in their conference, Apex Friendship. Both teams have very talented players who are able to single handedly take over a game.

The Gators came into the first quarter wanting to take over the game in the opening minutes which is exactly what they did, not only having a shutout in the first quarter but also putting up 5 goals of their own. Apex Friendship came into the second quarter desperately needing some big plays.  They managed to score 4 goals with The Gators only scoring 2, making the score going into the second half 7-4, with The Gators just barely in the lead. The Gators did not slow down one bit in the second half with both teams exchanging blows, putting up a few more goals each, bringing the final score to a nail biting 11-9 victory for The Gators

The MVP for The Gators this game was Senior Goalie and Captain, Skyler Stein. Skyler had 15 saves this game, with a few of them being game-saving ones, keeping up the momentum for the Gators and raising the energy for everyone on the field. I asked Skyler what he did to prepare for this game. “When preparing for Friendship, we watched a lot of film on them and gameplanned, singling out their best and worst players, noting our matchups.”

After this huge win for The Gators, they played The Cary Imps at home on Tuesday night. The last time The Gators played The Imps, they won 20-0 on the other team’s home turf. This game was more of the same, with it being a high-scoring game for The Gators.

In the first quarter, both teams came out a little slow, with The Gators only putting up 4 goals and The Imps not scoring any. The second quarter was much better for The Gators, with them managing to score 9 more goals, making the score going into the second half 13-0. The rest of the game was more of the same with The Imps scoring one goal in the 3rd quarter, but none other than that one resulting in a final score of 16-1, another Gator Win!

Great job Gators and good luck on Friday against Middle Creek!