UNC vs Duke Pregame Predictions


One of the biggest rivalries in all of college basketball is between UNC and Duke. These two D1 teams are going against each other head to head, clashing in the semi-finals of March Madness. I asked a few fans from each side about their predictions for the game and why they’re rooting for that team.

Katie Hunter- “I’m very superstitious and the jinx is real, all I know is if  Armando Bacot fouls out, then we will lose, that’s all I can say. I’m rooting for UNC because I’ve been a fan, going to games since I was one year old.”

Cooper Champ- “I think it’s gonna be a close game that heads into overtime, and Caleb Love drains a 3 to win the game. I’m a UNC fan because my dad attended the school.”

Drew Kay- “I think Duke’s gonna be up at the half but UNC is gonna come back and win since they’re a second-half team. My mom used to work at the UNC hospital which is why I’m a UNC fan.”

Cameron Hall- “I think it’s gonna be a close game, a lot of nerves, but I think Duke’s talent will help them pull out the win. I’m a Duke fan because I grew up around Duke basketball my whole life and it’s a big part of my life.”

Jackson Spells- “I think Duke is going to win by 40 and the game won’t even be close. I’m a Duke fan because my sister is attending Duke next year and I’ve always been a big Duke fan.”