Footloose Leaves a Memorable Performance for All


Footloose was a phenomenal sucess! Graphic by C. Andrews.

“It was amazing,” said Rohit about the musical adaptation of the 1984 film Footloose this weekend, noting the jaw-dropping performance at the Green Level High School.

Rachel Iiwaniw and Rohit Madan noted an estimated four hundred people at the show, and everyone left with a love for the play. As Mrs. Craig previously mentioned, “Lots of [the student’s] parents are going to know what this show is; it’s a big important memory for many of them… they’re going to be very emotionally attached to the music.”

Rachel Iiwaniw mentioned that “When we came out at the end, there were many people in the cafeteria…a lot of people that don’t even go to our school.” Rohit bounced off of this and explained that he saw many of his old friends from middle school, and he also noticed that there were a lot of “college students” and other adults.

Rachel and Rohit were ecstatic about the play, confident that it was a success in performing arts and a success in grasping the audience’s attention and making an overall astounding impression. The most memorable part of the play for Rachel was the song, ‘I Need a Hero,’ of which they said all of the girls singing together showed that “they were very talented.”

An essential aspect of the theater performance was the actors’ ability to “work through mistakes,” Rachel praised, “because in one of the biggest duets, the girl’s mic cut out, and she just sang really loud to make up for it.” Rohit added to this, mentioning that a similar technological issue happened at the show’s beginning during the second song, and they also “got through that extremely well.” Rachel and Rohit praised all of the actors and their character portrayals, but they specifically praised Dylan Georges, the lead actor, for his spectacular performance.

The hard work of the Green Level theater students paid off. Footloose made its mark on the school and everyone else who came to see the exceptional musical performance. Mrs. Craig and everyone else involved in this masterpiece’s production deserve a long, heartfelt round of applause for all they have accomplished.