The Bizarre Reputation of the Color Red.



Perhaps one of the boldest colors, red has a history as vivid as it’s hue.

J. Edgerton, Staff Writer

The color red, one of the RGB colors, is almost everywhere and in every culture. In the East, especially in China, it’s a color of fortune–In Europe, a color of passion, sacrifice, anger, and communism.

Virgin Mary with Jesus, surrounded by angels. Source: Picryl

Red is everywhere. We see it from the very ancient times, with people painting it on their faces and decorating cave walls. It’s easily recognizable and accessible, which makes it spread throughout the world. People see especially in religious things, such as the Cardinals, within catholic belief and important people in China and Europe. It’s simply very eye-catching.

Lenin pointing to the US under communist rule? Source: PBS

With the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, people used the color red as a way to show their allegiance to the Communists. Russians are good at propelling their propaganda. This came as a way to spread it, and this was very successful as the color red seen everywhere now stands as a Communist symbol. It also caught the attention of the people and a small little German political party known as the German Workers Party. Fun fact: many of the Germans caught in WWI also to an extent saw the Communist revolution. This idea of spreading Communism was feared by how effective the Communists were at propaganda.

Hitler knew about the effectiveness of art to spread propaganda and ideas to the public. Red, being easily accessible and standing out, caught the attention of passersby and also helped with making a symbol of Buddhism slightly rotated much more visible to be a symbol of terror for the years to come.

Man waving a flag of the Red Cross. Source: Flickr

Red is both prominent and makes what it wants to show very visible to everyone. This is why they are used in emergency signals or anything that needs to be seen, which makes them perfect for political, national, and medical color. This builds up its unique reputation as it’s used everywhere, and depending on how you were raised, your perception of it changes as well. Truly interesting, isn’t it?