Lauren Martinho Is Making Huge Strides In Her Soccer Career


J. Murray, Staff Writer

Lauren Martinho is a sophomore at Green Level High School and is making an extremely amazing name for herself as she is balling out on the United States U17 Woman’s National soccer team, helping them to qualify for the world cup. Recently Laurin traveled to the Dominican Republic as she was striving to play her first international games. Laurin has been involved in the program for a while but being able to finally play for her country is a dream come true. Laurin is thrilled to be a part of this special group, “The family culture was great with high skill players”.

Laurin made the most of her opportunity as she put the United States on top with her absolute rocket from right outside the 18-yard box. This goal could not have come at a better time as it was in the Finals against Mexico to help push the United States to the World Cup in India which will take place in October. The United States will need to get past one more cut but they are sure looking strong as the special talent from Green Level will certainly help this team reach their aspirations.

We wish Laurin and the rest of her U17 team the best of luck as they have huge milestones ahead of them.