Phillips Farm Open for the Fall Season


Phillips Farm is now open for visits!

E. Andrew, Staff Writer

Phillips Farm is now open for fall! The highly popular seasonal attraction includes activities such as a fun park, corn maze, and sunflower fields. To know when the sunflowers will be in full bloom, check out their social media pages.

The farm is located in Raleigh and has a rich and intertwined history in North Carolina. For over 100 years, Philips Farm has supplied the community with tobacco production and farming hay, straw, corn, and strawberry crops. Since then, they have stopped growing tobacco, but their strawberry fields are a popular attraction to all. They also grow Christmas trees in December.

For first-timers to the farm, there are some general information pieces you need to know. The farm is cash, only except for the admissions booth and the fall market. There is no ATM on the property. Requests for cash back are available at the admissions booth or Busebee’s general store in the market. There are no pets allowed in the fun park/corn maze, but service animals are allowed.

The farm’s fall attractions will be open from September 16 to October 3o, with “Fear Farm” Halloween attractions such as The Field of Lost Souls, The Gore House, and the Rebellion Trail opening up on September 24.

Make sure to go check out the fall attractions with family and friends!