Wildfires in the West


T. Dongara, Opinion Editor

As the climate crisis continues to intensify, America sees its natural disasters progressively worsen. There have already been 15 major disaster events in the United States this year alone, including flooding, tropical cyclones, droughts, and wildfires. 

Wildfires have been especially prominent in the west. As of October 17, 2022, there have been 48 wildfires across the west coast. Idaho, the Pacific Northwest, and Montana have all been affected. 

Nearly half a million acres of land have already been burned, destroying homes and lives in the process. Here are some current notable fires and their impact:


Mosquito: 77,000 acres were burned and 95% was contained.


Moose: 130,000 acres were burned and 80% was contained.


Cedar Creek: 125,000 acres were burned and 45% was contained.


Double Creek: 172,000 acres were burned and 89% was contained.


Billions of dollars have already been spent these past few years to contain the extent of wildfires. Unless climate change is addressed, they will continue to get more intense and costly than ever before.