“Black Adam” Movie Review


Black Adam’s promotional poster.

E. Harris, Staff Writer

The new movie Black Adam came out on October 21, 2022. This movie was made by “Seven Bucks Productions” with the co-founders being Johnson and Dany Garcia. The film was also overseen by Hiram Garcia, the company’s president of production. This movie has been a hit so far, and there is even a sequel already in development. It is PG-13 so I would say it is definitely a great movie for teens and older to watch. 

Summary: After nearly 5,000 years of being imprisoned Teth Adam has finally been freed. He is soon faced by the Justice Society, who want him to give up his powers. Of course, this won’t be done without a fight. 

My Personal Review: I went to see this movie with no expectations, and was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. In my opinion, this movie was done very well, especially the special effects. There were a lot of action scenes and the plot was somewhat complex with several emotional points. I have enjoyed watching Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, in several movies but this was the first time seeing him act as an action figure like this. I was pleasantly surprised by his ability to take on the character, Black Adam, and I felt he did a great job. Black Adam is not a superhero and I thought it was cool to finally have a movie on someone who is not technically the “good guy.” My favorite part of the movie was when Black Adam first appears after he has finally been freed. You see Black Adam fighting and killing everyone, and this really shows off his powers and the different things he can do. I didn’t like the movie’s flow sometimes, though, because so much kept happening. There would be a bunch of fighting, and then it would stop for only a short while, and then something else would happen without much of a chance to just process what was happening before something else would start. That was really the only issue I had with the movie. So, other than that I would definitely recommend seeing the movie Black Adam.