Pakistan Mosque Attack


T. Dongara, News Editor

Peshawar, a city in Pakistan, has been recovering from a deadly attack on Monday. On one of the busiest days of the week, more than 260 people were in the mosque when they got bombed. Most likely a suicide attack, 61 people were killed and another 157 were injured. The brutal killing in one of the city’s mosques has shaken the country as a whole. As law enforcement searched for the group behind this attack, they declared that the perpetrator had nothing to do with Islam, since these brutal actions were against the teachings of the Quran. 

After some time, the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) claimed responsibility for the bombing. Being close allies with the Afghan Taliban, the TTP had gained strength over recent years. For 15 years, they had fought to free members of their group from government custody and fight for stricter Islamic enforcement. By planning and carrying out their attacks from Afghan soil, Pakistan’s armed forces have yet to progress in their strides against the TTP. Regardless, this tragic event shook the nation as a whole, leaving millions of Pakistan citizens worried for the safety of both themselves and their loved ones.