What is Spring Break?


J. Fedich, Staff Writer

What is Spring Break?

Spring comes only once a year, and many like to take advantage of the warmer weather and plants blooming. Spring break is one or two weeks out of the school year where u can either travel to warm places to get a feel for the upcoming summer or to take a break before you enter the final stretch of the school year as the fourth quarter begins. The idea of a break from education during the spring first started in Europe back in the late 1800s. In the US it has been a vacation period since the early 1930s. Spring break is frequently associated with parties of sorts in warm climates.

Spring break can also have many other names across the globe. It can also be addressed as Easter vacation, Easter break, Easter holiday, spring vacation, mid-term break, study week, Easter week, or March break all depending on where you are from.

Spring break for Green Level High School and all of Wake County Public Schools will be from March 31st (Workday on Friday) till April 7th (the next Friday) east will consist of the following Sunday. This year’s spring break at Green Level will allow you to travel to warm places and spend time with your family.


As far back as history can be recorded, people have been celebrating the beginning of spring. Including the ancient Greeks and Romans. In the early 1930’s a swim coach from Colgate University decided to take the team to Florida for an early workout in a brand-new Olympic-sized pool in sunny Fort Lauderdale. The idea was well received by other college swim coaches, and soon the transition to spring training became an annual tradition for swimmers across the country. It is a common tradition, with different dates scheduled for different states and regions.

Around the world


Canadian schools often provide one or two-week breaks to their elementary school and secondary school students in the month of march.


In Jamaica, spring won’t start till the first week of Good Friday. The break can often range from one to two weeks but the time will depend on which month the easter holiday will start, March or April.


In Mexico, their spring break will be during the Holy week and then the following week after.


In Iran all Iranians have the same spring break no matter the school, which starts at Nowruz and ends at Sizdah Bedar.