How You Can Set Yourself Up For Success For The AP Exams

E. Andrew

With the AP Exams coming up soon on May 2 going through May 13, here are some ways you can set yourself up for success and get college credit for that exam.

With AP Exams, a score of 3 or above is required for gaining college credit for the exam. If you think that these tests are beneficial for you and that you don’t even have to try, think again! Getting college credit for these exams can save you money, help you graduate sooner, and get you into the workforce quicker.

Now, here are some studying tips for the upcoming exams.

1. Studying for these AP exams should be a year-long goal. Even if you had the class first semester it is important to keep up with the content and make sure you know it well for when the exam rolls around.

2. Like when studying for any type of test, it is important to implement strategies that help you not get burned out and get the most out of your studying. When studying, make sure any distractions such as electronics or friends and family are out of the way so you can focus directly on the information. Also, while it is important to study for a long period, that doesn’t mean continuously. Study breaks should be implemented to give yourself a break. This can include getting a snack, going outside, or just doing anything to take your mind off your studies.

3. Take practice exams. Taking practice exams is one of the most beneficial strategies to get a feel for the exam and what you are about to get into. Questions are often formatted the same and in the same order in all AP tests, regardless of the year so it is important to have a game plan and be familiar.

Remember, teachers are also here to help you! Asking a teacher about the exam or things you are confused about will help you get an extra leg up as opposed to trying to do it on your own.

Good luck and study hard Gators!