Gator of the Week: Rupak Biswas


T. Dongara

Say hello to this week’s Gator!

T. Dongara and S. Talekar

Our Gator of the Week this week is Rupak Biswas! Rupak was described to us as very hard working and helpful to his peers. He is involved in several clubs, such as Auto Club and Programming, and even stays after school to help out his teachers. He always makes learning a priority and has high dreams for the future. Rupak is currently a Sophomore and his favorite subject is math. He told us that he is motivated by a desire “to learn everything that is being taught in class.” His advice to peers who are struggling is that “the most important thing is to understand the concept of the class … then the questions are easy. Make sure you keep going every day instead of just studying last minute before the test.” He believes that “not everyone is good at a subject, but as long as you work hard and try your best, that’s what’s most important.” He guesses that he might have been nominated as a Gator of the Week because he tries hard to “not be mean to anyone” and is “involved in lots of activities around the school.” He values helping others because “sometimes I need help myself, so I understand … it makes the school experience better for everyone.”

Rupak Biswas is a very driven and put together student who works hard for his achievements. We think he’s smart, compassionate, and gives good advice. Congratulations, Rupak!