The Long Awaited Cast List for Little Shop of Horrors Is Finally Here!

A. Rudolph

Last Friday the cast list to the musical was posted at 10:27 A.M. All the auditionees quickly scrambled for their phones as they waited for the moment of truth. They scanned the long message from Mr. Olson, their hearts pounding as they reached the bottom of the page: the cast list. Even though Mr. Olson, working with the music in the show, and Mrs. Winters, the director, were floored by all the amazing talent the students of Green Level presented, only a lucky 24 could be in the spotlight. 

Because Little Shop of Horrors has such a small cast, not everyone who tried out was able to make the play. Alyson Springer, a Freshman at Green Level, who was cast in the ensemble, said, “I’m really excited, and I really like all the people that got cast. I’m surprised at all the talent we have.” It’s true, Mr. Olson, the Green Level chorus teacher who will be directing the music, and Mrs. Winters, the director of the play, had a very hard time during auditions. Green Level holds a lot of musical talent. 

Little Shop of Horrors is a really fun production to put on, especially in a school’s first year. One thing that makes the play so interesting is the music. Since the musical takes place around the 1960s, there’s a lot of swing and doowop styles throughout the show. Mr. Olson said, “[the music] is what brings the show to life. It’s a rock and roll style, and that’s just really exciting.”

The cast of any musical has a special bond by the show day. A family is brought together. There will be hardships and there will be good times, but because they are a group of people all coming together to work towards an end goal they will have to work it out. John Campbell, playing the role of Orin, says “I’m excited to have a good time with the cast and become a family.” Springer resounded similarly, saying “I am excited just for the rehearsal process and tech week when everyone is going to be stressed but we’ll all be stressed together.”

 Little Shop of Horrors is going to be an amazing musical, and we hope to see you there!