Musical Rehearsals are Not Even a Little Horrible


S. Manku

Musical rehearsals are in progress!

S. Manku, Staff Writer

This year the musical that Green Level is putting on is Little Shop of Horrors. For those of you who don’t know much about LSOH, The Gator’s Eye has an article that talks about it. This week we’re going to cover the show from the stage manager’s point of view.

Megan Miller, the Head Stage Manager, tells us that being stage manager means “being up in the tech booth” and “calling cues.” She added that the Assistant Stage Managers are usually down on either side of the stage and she communicates with them to make sure everything is running as it’s supposed to. “My family’s been in theater for as long as I can remember,” says Megan, who has been involved in crew since sixth grade. Her favorite part about theater is having a “(theater) family to depend on because you spend so much time together.”

For those of you who don’t know much about theatre, the tech booth is where the lighting and sound crew is. They run the mic volumes and when they should be on or off. The tech crew also runs the color, brightness and position of the lights. Cues are where the actors are supposed to be, where the lighting or sound should be, or what scene they are doing.

Elise Hill is one of the two Assistant Stage Managers. She says that her job is mostly blocking, rehearsal notes, adding cues or props that need to be put in and general notes. When asked if blocking is more like dance or in general movement, Elise said “It’s both. It’s like movement and crossing.” Elise has been doing theater since last year and has worked three shows. “My favorite part is seeing people grow and develop throughout the show,” said Elise.

Theater is a lot more than a bunch of people singing on a stage, it involves a whole backstage crew and the stage managers are the ones who coordinate them all.