GELC: Clubs on Screen


Graphic made by A. Guo

Learn about what Gender Equality and Leadership Club has been doing over quarantine.

A. Guo, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

Although many clubs have been stopped because of the shutdown, some are still going. One of them is GELC, or Gender Equality and Leadership Club, with President Nethali Padmaperuma and Vice President Jasmine Singh. 

While school was still in session, GELC was working on a Period Product Drive for the Local Women’s Shelter in Raleigh. “Unfortunately, as school got out our project had to end, but we will try our best to start it back once school starts,” Padmaperuma says.

Since the shutdown, the club has been staying connected online through Google Meets and Zoom calls, and are currently working on a website made specifically for quarantine. Padmaaperuma explains, “This is a news site for our members to write opinion pieces during quarantine. The issues vary from gender stereotypes, current news and self care.”

In the future, GELC plans to use their club to spread more awareness about gender inequalities and stereotypes through social media, roundtable, and their club meetings. Padmaperuma adds, “We hope to increase our member numbers as more incoming freshmen come in. This club is an opportunity for anyone regardless of gender to use their unique voices and state their opinions on topics that interest them in relation to gender and leadership.”

You can follow the club by texting “glgelc” on remind, checking out their website, and going to their meetings!