New Teacher Profile: Mrs. Hailey

Green Level Welcomes Mrs. Hailey!

Photo Courtesy of Mrs. Hailey

Green Level Welcomes Mrs. Hailey!

D. Pasupu, Staff Writer

Hey Gators! Please give a warm welcome to our new Psychology teacher and Intervention Coordinator at Green Level, Mrs. Hailey! She was kind enough to share some things about herself as an introduction to the Green Level community so let’s give her a hospitable welcome!


A few things Mrs. Hailey shared were that her favorite hobbies are baking and spending time with family. Soccer is also one of her interests, as she played a lot in college. She has a passion for teaching and loves being with her students, even if it is just chatting and joking around during a lunch period. Teaching has always been an interest of hers since a young age. Mrs. Hailey shares, “When I was younger, my mother had a little chalkboard that she gave me to play on. She would find me teaching my stuffed animals the same things that I was learning about in my own classes I attended in elementary school. I think from there she knew I wanted to do something with education.” That’s why she studied psychology in college and has now been teaching for 17 years!


She decided to become a part of the Green Level community because of the mission and vision statements of the school. She says, “The mission and vision statements hit the core of my personal and educational philosophies.” Her goal as a teacher is to make a difference in student’s lives and that is what she intends to accomplish here. Mrs. Hailey is very excited to teach at Green Level this year and is excited for what this year is going to bring!